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In 1994, The LA based duo behind the cult brand Juicy couture , Gela Nash-Taylor (wife of Duran Duran’s John Taylor) and Pamela Skaist-Levy. decided to create their own fashion label, Travis Jeans, selling maternity jeans. Both girls are known for their colourful personalities as much as they are for their exceptional fashion sense. Their love of bright colours and all things quirky combined with English aristocracy and tradition is a collective of the two girls personalities and the definition of the Juicy Couture brand in apparel. The two met in 1988 through a mutual friend in LA, at the time Gela was pregnant and was struggling to find any fashionable maternity wear she deemed suitable, as the two began designing maternity jeans under the name ‘Travis Jeans’.

Juicy Couture’s most revolutionary moment in fashion actually came when they designed a velour tracksuit.
“Our tracksuit is even in London’s Victoria & Albert Museum. That’s monumental!” said Taylor. They had really created a sportswear/lounge wear that was flattering, luxurious and comfortable. It has become the favourite for the off duty Hollywood A listers with everyone from Kylie, Madonna, Beyonce and Eva Longoria being pictured in them.

However, the tracksuit is not all the girls want to be remembered for…they are changing direction with their Juicy brand. Incorporating skirts, dresses and tops with a more sophisticated style into the range – the brand is establishing itself as an edgy high-end fashion label. The opening of the brand’s 5th Avenue store in New York is an extension of this change in direction. Skaist-Levy and Taylor describe the style of their new stores on 5th Avenue, Madison Avenue and Bleecker Street in New York as “Madison Avenue meets Alice in Wonderland”.

Over time they have slowly introduced new merchandise to their line up. In 1999, they introduced jeans to their product line called Juicy Jeans. In 2001, they revolutionized the fashion world with the introduction of the track suit, the item that the company is most famous for. These tracksuits come in a large variety of colours made of velour, terry cloth, fleece, or cashmere, and consist of low riding draw string pants and a zip-up hoodie. In 2002, Juicy Couture added collections for men and children. In 2004, bathing suits and accessories for women, including shoes and jewellery, were also added to the Juicy line. Today, Juicy’s offerings range from perfume, socks, and handbags to toiletries, nappy bags, and dog accessories.

All of the Juicy couture items have the slogan, “Made in the Glamorous USA”

Juicy Couture is known for its amount of slogans and symbols, such as "Viva La Juicy" , "For Nice Girls Who Like Stuff", "Smells Like Couture", "Juicy is Forever", "Her Royal Juicyness", "Wake Up And Smell the Couture", "Go Couture Yourself", "Cupcake Couture","Bundle Up, Wear Juicy", "The Joy Only Bling Can Bring", "Peace, Love, and Juicy", "Let Them Eat Couture", "Have a Juicy Day", "Some Girls Have All the Juicy", "Blame It On Juicy", "Dude, Where's My Couture?", "Choose Juicy", "Queen of Couture", "Kiss My Couture", "Crimes of Couture," "Tastes Like Couture", "It's Exhausting Being This Juicy" and "Will Work for Juicy" " Juicy is the life!"

Their signature Juicy crest, as well as the phrases "Love, G&P" (formerly "Love P&G") are stitched on the inside of each label. The order of the initials changed in early 2006 after a lawsuit by the Procter & Gamble corporation.


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